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Do you love J-Rock and Visual Kei? Do you want to be part of a community of like-minded people that want to promote the scene? Then you've come to the right place!

Our authors have volunteered to deliver you the latest news, detailed live reports, and more in the highest quality we can manage to provide. If you want to be a part of a fun, family-like community of like-minded people, then feel free to apply for the chance to join us!

By applying, you understand that these are all unpaid positions. While you are not monetarily compensated, we repay you through the awesome experiences that come with being in the media!

The following are a list of documented positions we are looking for. If you think you have something more to contribute to us (that is not listed), then feel free to let us know via our contact us page or in the application [link].

If you have any questions, please contact us:


1. Some serious love for Japanese music and/or fashion
2. Great fluency in English (very important!)
3. Be team-oriented
4. A friendly attitude towards your colleagues, people we work with, and the artists themselves.
5. A decent amount of time you can use for VKH depending on the position you choose.

Positions descriptions: 

**All positions are voluntary.**

News Reporter: Frequently update the blog with Visual Kei and J-Rock related news: new releases, new PV's, previews, tour dates, bands comments, bands new looks, and more. 

Reviewer:  Review of new releases, albums, singles, DVD, and more. 

Live Crew: Review lives, concerts, events, attend conventions and host interviews with bands. Required to post news whenever not active.

Translator: You will be translating lyrics, and/or information for news posts. You must be decent in both English and Japanese. You will be required to show a sample of your translations. You will be choosing whether you will translate lyrics or information. If you are a lyrics translator, you will choose your own lyrics to translate. (Preferably something current.)

Fashion Blogger: You will be responsible for your own fashion article about Visual Kei style and fashion related to Japanese culture. You will decide if you will be reviewing products and looks, if you will be preparing tutorials (make up, hair tutorials, etc.) or if you will present the newest and most interesting trends from Japan to our readers. If you personally have a very interesting Japan inspired style, you are also welcome to present it in your own fashion articles.

Editorial Writer: You will be responsible for a weekly or bi-weekly editorial installment regarding the Japanese rock music/visual kei scene. These editorials can cover anything from the underground scene to the music industry to the knowledge of visual kei history itself! This requires the ability to write creatively, do sufficient research, and possibly some interaction. If you think you have what it take or are interested in this position, feel free to apply!

Anything Else?: If none of the positions sounds appealing to you, we'd also love to welcome new members with completely different interests to help the site! For example people with drawing skills for any design needs in the future, photographers for taking photos at lives and other events, filmmakers to record at events, editors to correct reviews and news reports and so much more! It's up to you. If you can think of something we might need, just fill out the application form and tell us about your ideas!

If you're looking to invest some of your time into the development and growth of VKH Press, then please check out the positions available (if you haven't already) and fill out an application. [link]

If you have any questions, please contact us:

We look forward to seeing your name on our list, and thanks for your time!

We cannot promise that everyone who applies will receive a position as this is a competitive field. For this, we apologize.
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