Aoi (the GazettE) Showcases S7G Guitar

It's no secret that the members of the GazettE have been working on the band's tenth album. Vocalist Ruki teased the completion of a new song back in June. And more recently, rhythm guitarist Aoi confirmed that the band has moved into the recording studio in an Instagram post showcasing his sleek, black Raven HL from Strictly 7 Guitars (S7G).

Strictly 7 Guitars is an American designer and manufacturer of electric guitars and basses. The company began by hand building seven-string guitars for heavy metal musicians—though they now have six and eight string models available. S7G also has a line of factory-built guitars that are made in Japan.

The Raven HL is the headless version of the Raven. It is marketed as the Raven HL standard Plus 7 (Raven Headless standard Plus7 HT/T) in Japan. Aoi's model appears to be the seven-string version with the S7G Black Matte Natural Stain finish.

Strictly 7 Guitars re-posted Aoi's photo on the company's official Instagram account—expressing their excitement over his use of the guitar.

This is the first photograph of a guitar Aoi has posted following the expiration of his longtime endorsement contract with ESP Guitars in Japan. While there has been no announcement of an endorsement deal between Aoi and Strictly 7 Guitars, the brand already endorses several Japanese artists including Retsu (DIMLIM). Check back with VKH Press for the latest news.

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