DIR EN GREY Releases Member Designed Tees

The members of DIR EN GREY have produced a series of five t-shirts. Each tee features a unique theme that speaks to the current COVID-19 crisis.

The theme for Kyo's shirt is "Possibilities.” The black tee features elements of the painting Sirin and Alkonost. Birds of Joy and Sorrow. by the famed 19th century Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov on the front. Siren and Alkonost are perched on either side of a brain with the phrase DON'T LOSE TO YOURSELF superimposed over its lobes. Encompassing this large design are the words ISOLATION and freedom. The back print is a macabre depiction of the DIR EN GREY logo. Buy it here.

Kaoru's shirt has the theme of "Time"—captured by the handwritten setlist from a 1997 live at Rock Maykan printed on the front. It is the only white t-shirt in the collection. Buy it here.

Die's shirt design can only be described as groovy. With FUCK INVISIBLE ENEMY written largely across the front in a 1960's-style psychedelic poster art font, its theme is "Fxxk rather than Crush." The back has THERE'S NO DAWN printed across the bottom in the same red and yellow motif. Buy it here.

The theme for Toshiya's tee is "the current time." The design on the front is intended to look like a vintage movie poster that has been "revised and adapted to the 'current time'" with the addition of face masks. Buy it here.

Shinya's shirt features five "cute yet poisonous" bunnies on the front to go along with its theme of "bunnies who don’t lose to the virus." Underneath the bunnies is a warning reading WHEN THE WORLD RUNS OUT OF VIRUS I'LL EAT HUMANS. These cute yet Buy it here.

The tees are available for pre-order until July 21st at 23:59 (JST). Each tee retails for ¥7,700 (tax-included). A special set of all five shirts is available, exclusively to members of DIR EN GREY's fan club 「a knot」for ¥38,500 (tax-included). Each set comes with a free face mask.

After the pre-order period ends, a limited number of shirts will be sold on GALAXY BROAD SHOP. Regular sales begin July 22nd at 18:00 (JST). More information can be found here.
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