ESP Japan Will Stop Taking Orders for Aoi (the GazettE) Signature Guitars

The Japanese guitar manufacturer ESP (Electric Sound Products) will no longer take new orders for Aoi's line of guitars and guitar picks.

ESP has long partnered with Aoi, rhythm guitarist of the powerhouse visual kei band the GazettE, to release a signature line of guitars and picks—as part of their ESP SIGNATURE SERIES.

Due to the expiration of the endorsement contract between the two, ESP will cease taking orders for Aoi's catalog models and picks currently for sale on June 30, 2020. The products include
  • ESP - .1[dot one]
  • ESP -  .1[dot one]exl. FR
  • ESP - A-I [arc] 艶~en~
  • ESP - A-II 艶~en-V~
  • ESP - A-III 艶~en~
  • EDWARDS - E-EN-arc
  • ESP - PA-GA10 (guitar pick)
  • ESP - PA-GA08-THE NINTH (guitar pick)
ESP Guitars Japan released the following statement on their website:
Dear Sir/Madam
We hope for your health and prosperity during these times. We would also like to thank you for your continued patronage.
Now, given the expiration of the endorsement contract with the GazettE's guitarist Aoi, we will only be accepting new orders for his catalog models and picks that are currently on sale until June 30, 2020.
We deeply appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continued cooperation.
Best regards.
the GazettE's lead guitarist Uruha and bassist Reita also have their own signature lines with the company. No statement has been released regarding their models. Check back with VKH Press for the latest.

Source: ESP Guitars Japan
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