DIRT by Toshiya (DIR EN GREY) Drops New 2020 Collection

DIRT is a line of clothes, accessories, and goods designed and produced by Toshiya, bassist of DIR EN GREY. The brand consists of two lines: 100% Natural Dirty and 100% Dissolutive Dirty.

Sales for the newest release of the 100% Natural Dirty line "2020 New Collection" begin June 30th, 2020 at 18:00 (JST) on the DIRT online shop.

DIRT 100% Natural Dirty aims to
add something unique and original to your everyday life, by designing every kind of things around you, focusing on a line of unisex "real clothes" that can be worn in any situation
with a wide range of styles it describes as ranging from "casual" to "haute couture."

The collection includes a cat keychain, two styles of "CAT 100% Natural Ossan" tees, piercings, a cat coin pouch, a vinyl shoulder bag, and several dressier items. You can see the full line modeled by Toshiya here.

The black version of the CAT tee comes bundled with the black star-print dress (DIRT-20-26) while the white version is bundled with the black star-print shirt (DIRT-20-27).

The items are expected to begin shipping in mid-July.

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