ACME covers Demon Slayer Theme Song OP "Gurenge"

Gurenge - Demon Slayer Theme Song (ACME Band Cover)
     Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, has undoubtedly been one of the hottest anime and mangas recently. You may have been captivated by its storyline, artistry, and maybe even by its soundtrack. In fact, its opening song called “Gurenge” by LiSA was awarded the number one spot in the Billboard JAPAN "HOT Animation" top 10 in the first half of 2020! And with music so good paired to a phenomenal anime, there are bound to be covers of the song made... and even the amazing boys from ACME released their own!
Check out their cover here:

     Last time we interviewed ACME, they expressed their love for anime and their wish to hopefully release music for just that. CHISA (main vocalist) even went to say that "anime and visual kei go well together". And here they are just proving to us their passion for music and anime by making this amazing cover! Their cover was filmed in-studio and the song, itself, was made to suit their style which is heavier than the original. You can hear HAL and RIKITO both go hard on the drums and bass. And in contrast to the two, SHOGO brings in such a lightness as he strums his guitar while you can feel CHISA's passion as he belts out through the song. All in all, it gave me a fresh feeling and I currently have it on repeat! What do you think?

In case you forgot what Demon Slayer's Opening is like, here it is:

     Can we also commend the band for being so diligent in entertaining their fans even during this quarantine season?! Not many are as pumped as ACME to give you more of what you want. So, if you're not on board with ACME yet, you should be by now! They are great in-studio and live (trust me, they are)! Hopefully, they not only grow more in popularity but also have the chance to one day have their music as an opening of an amazing anime. So, be sure to show your support for the band through their social media down below:
Acme Official Website
Official English Facebook
Official YouTube Channel
ACME Official Twitter
CHISA’s Twitter - Instagram
SHOGO’s Twitter - Instagram
RIKITO's Twitter - Instagram
HAL’s Twitter - Instagram

Also, check out our last interview with the band here back in LA 2019:

Thanks for reading!
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