SNAKED LOWS, the brand owned by REITA of the GazettE, has revealed the items for its 20th item release just in time for the owner's birthday! Check out the items below:

     This collection gives me a very skater vibe. I love the combination of the colors black, orange, and teal. It's actually one of my personal favorite color combinations, to be honest! What I don't love is the price, once again. If you want both your ears sporting those earrings, you need to pay double the price. But anyway, here are the items and their prices (without tax) as shown above:

Of course, I have to share with you all my favorites. Here it is:
     I love how the teal color is used on the shirt which also endorses the words "It is not in the stars that hold our destiny but in ourselves". Those are beautiful words to remind us to keep working hard towards what we want to achieve. And personally, this collection feels like a reminder of the Nautical Star or NorCal Star, which makes me happy because that's where I'm from (North California). All in all, I like the collection! What about you? Items will be on sale on June 7 (Sunday). What are you copping from this release?

Before we end this post,
Happy Birthday to Reita!

Make sure to check out more on SNAKED LOWS here.
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Thanks for reading!
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