MIYAVI Announces Latest Album Holy Nights

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Actor, model, humanitarian, and samurai guitarist MIYAVI has revealed the release date for his latest album, Holy Nights. The work is set to drop worldwide on April 22, 2020.

"Holy Nights, --when the sky is so clear that it seems like the stars could be grasped by hand, and when the night feels calm enough that the sound of the flowing wind seems visible, if you look around, the world is burning…The title, “Holy Nights”, represents the world that we live in.”

Holy Nights is the first of two albums to be released in 2020—with the latter coming sometime after the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The album features original material, covers of iconic Japanese rock and pop songs that have been reinterpreted through MIYAVI’s truly unique style of guitar playing, and rearrangements of some of his most iconic compositions.

MIYAVI’s signature sound is sure to keep the work fresh as he explores a musical representation of the world around him. There is a strong ethical foundation for this album, intimately tied to his work as Ambassador of the UNHCR (the United Nation’s Refugee Agency). On his Instagram, MIYAVI reminded us that living in developed countries can sometimes obscure the problems the world is facing.

“Extreme weather conditions around the world, growing refugee problems, the continuing gap between the poor and the rich, the world is facing more and more problems than ever before.”

The guitarist explained that he created the album believing strongly that “there are things that only music can do. There are things that can be conveyed to people only through music” continuing on to say that, through the creative process, many “important melodies came to life this time, too…[and] that the songs are relatable to the era and everyone that live in it.” Read his entire artist comment here.

More information—including the track list and full set of visuals—will be unveiled on March 3, 2020.

Holy Nights will be available in three editions including the standard edition and two limited versions. Limited Edition “A” will be packaged with a live concert DVD from MIYAVI’s 2019 No Sleep Til Tokyo Tour at Zepp Diver City whereas Limited Edition “B” will include a special documentary DVD from the same tour. You can pre-order Holy Nights on CDJapan.

Standard Edition
CD only - ¥2,800 (+ tax)

Limited Edition “A”
CD + DVD - ¥6,000 (+ tax)
DVD: MIYAVI "NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO" World Tour 2019 JAPAN at Zepp Diver City

Limited Edition “B”
CD + DVD - ¥6,000 (+ tax)
DVD: MIYAVI "NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO" World Tour 2019 - Documentary Video

Source: MIYAVI OHP, CDJapan
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