MUNOU NA LUCID Announces Live Limited Single + 3 Digital Singles + Vocalist Undergoing Surgery

Despite being down now 2 members and with no official replacements in sight, Munou Na Lucid are continuing to make music for the foreseeable future. Although this time around, things are a bit different. Munou Na Lucid have announced a new live limited single titled Jiga Sasshou 「自我殺傷」which will be handed out to people who attend the live on August 25th. 

The catch is you must attend one of their free lives, in which there are 8 of them that span the end of July into August. Going to one of these lives will give you a special ticket in which you'll be able to hand in at their live on August 25th to get the single for free. Obviously, this isn't feasible for most westerners but don't fret, they've also announced 3 singles. All 3 of these singles will be released digitally on August 15th. 

Listed below are the titles of the digital singles:
  • 「嘘ノ麻酔。モウヒトリノ私。」(Uso no masui. Mouhitorino watashi)
  • 「無欲」(Muyoku)
  •  「紐は解けた」 (Himo wa hodoketa)

Unfortunately, for the time being, the band has announced that vocalist Muku had to undergo surgery on June 4th since has developed vocal chord polyps and will miss every show in June. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back at full strength soon. 

Source for Singles: OHP

Source for Surgery Announcement: Munou Na Lucid Twitter

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