NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST Finally Go Major for New Mini-Album & Welcome New Member

In what felt like a day that would never come, visual kei and Japanese deathcore/metalcore veterans NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST have resurfaced. Earlier this year, they signed to MAVERICK DC GROUP's new label MAVERICK with the promise of a new mini-album in July. They also welcomed new guitarist Lin (ex-abstracts) after losing Cazqui and Daichi over internal conflicts. (read about it here)

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST's first concert with their new line-up and contract will be FROM THIS DAY on August 3rd. No other details have been revealed regarding the mini-album as of this moment.

What kind of chemical reaction will this cause for the band?

Next Live:

New Look:
Vocalist: Hiro

Guitarist: Lin

Bassist: Masa

Drummer: Natsu
Source: OHP

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