New Band GULU GULU Has Formed

Super groups aren't something that's very common in the visual kei or japanese music scene in general. Sukekiyo probably falls under this label and there have been a few sessions bands over the years that could have possibly qualified for this but most of them don't end up becoming a formal band, until now. gulu gulu, which was previous the sessions band known as Karasuna Mei  to Fuyukai na Nakamatachi has officially formed along with the announcement of a single titled, Henna Merry Go Round, which is slated to be released May 28th.

gulu gulu is comprised of several band members who have played in some very well regarded visual kei bands of the past. First off the vocalist, Ai, formerly known as Karasuna Mei was the vocalist of Kuroyuri to Kage. Rito, formerly known as Kou was the guitarist for MIZTAVLA. The other guitarist, Kazari, was in the band llll-Ligro-. The bassist Lanju, who used to go by Hisame was in the band Grieva, and last but not least, Hotaru chan was the drummer for the band Balalaika where he went by the name Katase Kei. There is a lot riding on this band who have already high expectations coming from the community. No previews for their debut single are available as of this moment but be sure to check out all their previous bands to get an idea of what these guys can do.


Henna Merry Go Round [- Mazui ban - Type] (1500 yen)
01. Henna Merry Go Round ( 変なメリーゴーランド)
02. Kyūkaku shōgai (嗅覚障害)
03. Mazui masui (不味い麻酔)

Henna Merry Go Round [Type -Umai Ban-] (1500 yen)
01. Henna Merry Go Round (変なメリーゴーランド)
02. Kyūkaku shōgai (嗅覚障害)
03. Rubra

Vocalist: Ai/I aka Karasuna Mei (ex. Kuroyuri to Kage)

Guitarist: Rito (formerly Kou, ex. MIZTAVLA
Guitarist: Kazari (ex. llll-Ligro-)

Bassist: Lanju (formerly Hisame, ex. Grieva)

Drummer: Hotaru chan (formerly Katase Kei, ex. Balalaika)

Source: OHP

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