Kizu Announces First Asia Tour And Teasing Something In August

Kizu just celebrated their 2 year anniversary this past April but considering the growth and popularity of this band, you would have expected them to have been around a lot longer. To put it into perspective, the videos on their youtube have accumulated over 3 million views, with "Kizuato" and "Oshimai" being well over 500,000 views and "0" and "Kawazu" being over 300,000 views each. Now Kizu has announced their 1st ASIA TOUR, BORDERLESS. They will perform in Shanghai, China on September 21st and Taipei, Taiwan on September 28th.

To go along with this news, the official Kizu Twitter along with the members' individual Twitters have been tweeting out, #平成三十一年八月二十二日 which translates to something about August 22nd. We're still 3 months away from this date so it's anyone's guess what will be announced. A full-length album? World tour possibly in Europe or North America? Only time will tell, regardless it's very exciting news to see Kizu begin already touring outside of Japan.

Source: OHP
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