JUPITER on Tour in Europe for Zeus RIGHT NOW

As we speak, Jupiter is making their way across Europe for their first overseas tour! The Visual-kei / Symphonic Metal band was formed in 2013 by four of five members of Versailles. With their new singer, they added a new dimension to their versatile work. (Check out a clip at the bottom of this article.)

The following are the remaining dates of the tour!

Zeus Tour -EUROPE-

05/15 (Wed) Backstage, Munich (Germany) TICKETS

05/16 (Thu) Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) TICKETS
Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC

05/17 (Fri) Secret Place, Montpellier (France) TICKETS
Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC

05/18 (Sat) Bóveda, Barcelona (Spain) TICKETS
Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC

05/19 (Sun) Copernico, Madrid (Spain)
Jupiter + fesFE[M] + VII ARC TICKETS

Try to catch them LIVE if you can! Here is a clip of them performing in case you need convincing:

Source: Press release via Email

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