HUEYE to Release 2 New Singles Simultaneously

Having just made their debut this past March with their single Yasashiku Koroshite it seems like Hueye is wasting no time with new music as they have announced not just one but two new singles that will both be released on the 2nd of October. One single is titled Anesthesia and the other is titled rousoku to blackout (蝋燭とブラックアウト). The announcement came from their first one-man live show on May 10th.

 Anesthesia (¥ 2000)
01 .Anesthesia
02. sonzai shoumei (存在証明)
03. kagyaku koui (加虐行為)
01.「Anesthesia」Music Video

rousoku to blackout (蝋燭とブラックアウト) (¥2000)
01. 蝋燭とブラックアウト
02. onegai (お願い。)
03. higyaku koui (被虐行為)
01.「蝋燭とブラックアウト」Music Video

Source: OHP
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