Xaa-Xaa Mourns the Travesty of Pet Abandonment in New Single + Live DVD

Adding on to an already jam-packed March, Xaa-Xaa are back at it with a new single titled Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)! The band has also released a new live DVD titled 4 Shunen Oneman Live "Ame no Hi" 2018.12.25 Shibuya WWW, which features footage from their live held last Christmas. The title track for the single will be about abandoned pets. A video preview for the single is out, so expect some strong emotions while watching the music video and listening through this single. The single and live DVD were both released on March 20th.

Going off the preview video, we're getting more of the same amazing and emotional sound Xaa-Xaa has always delivered. The band is also making a return to a heavier, more insane sound on the third track, so look forward to that!

Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi MV and Single Spot:

Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi Limited Edition (¥1800)

01. Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi( 死んじゃったポチの話)
02. Saigo ni Iwasete(最後に言わせて)

01. Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)

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Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi Limited Edition (¥1500)

01. Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)
02. Saigo ni Iwasete (最後に言わせて)
03. Gomisute wa Naniyoubi demo (ゴミ捨ては何曜日でも)

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4 Shunen Oneman Live "Ame no Hi" 2018.12.25 Shibuya WWW (¥5000)

1. Aoi Raincoat (青いレインコート)
2. Kowai Kurai (コワイクライ)
3. LAST DANCE (ラストダンス)
4. Kamisori (カミソリ)
5. Ooame Keihou Hatsurei (大雨警報発令)
6. Shinitai (死にたい)
7. Pistol (ピストル)
8. Pichipichi Chapchap Ranranran (ピチピチチャプチャプランランラン)
9. Haisui Kuchi (排水口)
10. Fukanshou (不感症)
11. Ningen-kai kara no tegami (人間界からの手紙)
12. Yukitokei (雪時計)
13. Guchaguchaa (ぐちゃぐちゃ)
14. Dosuguroi (どす黒い)
15. Love Letter (ラブレター)
16. Kanden, Kega no Osore ga Arimasu. (感電、けがのおそれがあります。)
17. Yorimichi (寄り道)
18. Tulip (チューリップ)
19. Mazarenai (マザレナイ)
20. Noroi uta (のろいうた)
21. "Usotsuki"「うそつき」
22. Hankotsu Dog 反骨ドッグ

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Xaa-Xaa's moody and dark look for their new single!

Vocalist: Kazuki

Guitarist: Haru

Bassist: Reiya

Drummer: An

Source: OHP, ザアザア @ YouTube

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