[UPDATED] Vivarush's Bassist Has Been Fired + Official Statement

(Author's note: This post has been updated to add the official statement that was released earlier today)

It was announced only hours ago that Vivarush's Bassist Qs has been fired as of today.

Below we have the official statement and members' comments that was released:

Dear all dreamers.

It saddens us to announce that the dismissal of bassist QS has been decided.
This decision came following several warnings issued in the past, and after a serious contract violation.

Because of this, VIVARUSH will continued future activities as a four member band.
All scheduled performances such as live concerts and instore events will continue as planned.

Once again, we are deeply sorry to make such an announcement despite the cheers and support from all dreamers.

We hope for your continued support of VIVARUSH.


Below are comments from the four members of VIVARUSH



To everyone who has supported VIVARUSH, I am sorry that we are disappointing you with the dismissal of a member.

“We’ll fight together as five” is something we said over and over again, but now it's just a lie, I'm really sorry.
I'm glad that I met QS, and all the people I met because of QS, but Because of this I can't stop moving forward now.

I will carry this on my shoulders.
Because we are VIVARUSH we will keep going and show our full strength, so please keep supporting us.



To everyone who has supported VIVARUSH, I'm deeply sorry for making such a painful announcement.

It's upsetting to lose a bandmate who we shared both tough and fun times with together with during our time in Vivahouse and sessions.
Even though things will change, VIVARUSH will continue to be dream chasers!

Please keep supporting us.

There are things I want to keep protecting.



To QS, what I said to you was no lie.
I came to Osaka and met QS, we stood on the same stage together for around 3 years.
There is nothing I regret or wish to forget from all of that time together.

At times I felt like there was a wall between us, sometimes we would argue, but I still really liked you, even now I still feel the same.

So I'm gonna take you dream and make it come true.

To our Dreamers.
I'm sorry that the 5 of us couldn't stand together on stage in front of you all to make this announcement
I will not stop walking, as to not lose your favourite place.
We will take this band which QS was a member of to the grandest stage, so please keep believing in us.



I'm really sorry to have made such a announcement today.

I really love QS, so it's really upsetting that we won't be able to chase our dreams together.

To everyone who supports us, I'm sorry.
As VIVARUSH we will keep moving forward.
So please keep supporting us



It appears to have been a management decision that he depart from the band and that the rest of the members will continue on as a four member band. Both Vivarush's management and the band members themselves are very sorry for this sudden and sad announcement and hope that everyone will continue to support Vivarush in the future.

Source: Vivarush Official Twitter
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