New PUNCH RECORDS Band Hueye to Release Debut Single

All signs are pointing towards PUNCH RECORDS having a very busy and big year. For most of last year most fans only knew them as the label that Mamireta belongs to. But with the announcement of new bands forming under the label, one of which is Hueye, it looks like they'll be playing a big part in visual kei this year. Hueye wasted no time with the announcement of their first single, Yasashiku koroshite (優しく殺して), coming out March 27th. Let us know what you think of Mamireta's new labelmates!

Yasashiku koroshite (¥1500)

01. Yasashiku koroshite (優しく殺して)
02. In Sacrifice (イン・サクリファイス)
03. Yatagarasu (八咫烏)

*Pre-order at CDJapan

Vocalist: Nao (ex-Indy Viduality)

Guitarist: Kururu 

Bassist: Shun (ex-Mummy)

Drummer: Majyu 

Source: OHP, PUNCH RECORDS @ YouTube
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