ex-Amanjaku Members Make An Explosive And Hilarious Debut As RAKUxGAKI!

RAKUxGAKI is not like any other band I've come across in the visual kei scene. Composed entirely of ex-amanjaku members, this band brings a style and sound that's sure to turn some heads. Their music combines super-catchy choruses with heavy breakdowns sections and harsh vocals in a way that almost doesn't seem like it should work as well as it does. Let's not even get started with their debut music video "Chu-Chu-Cherry Vampire," which will also be the name of the single coming out on April 10th. We don't want to spoil the pure zaniness of the music video for you, so check it out for yourself below, along with the single's teaser video, single tracklist, and member photos! Definitely a new band for everyone to keep their eyes on this year.

Chu-Chu-Cherry Vampire Type A (¥1,500)


Chu-Chu-Cherry Vampire Type B (¥1,500)

3.I'm 総理

Vocalist & Guitarist: annie・A・rock 'n' roll

Guitarist: kazu max (カズマックス)

Bassist: ito (伊藤)

Drummer: haruka aya ryoya (はるかぜ綾夜)

Source: OHP
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