Warumono Unveil Themselves Through KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT with Debut Single

10 months since first teasing their formation with a picture of them wearing what I can only guess are cardboard boxes painted with abstract designs for faces (picture of this below), the members of Warumono (悪者) have finally revealed what they look like. More importantly, the band has also given us a taste of what they sound like with the announcement of their 1st single Hajimari hajimari. The single will release in just under a month on March 5th, and if the teaser is anything to go by these guys are bringing a very energetic and heavy song with a very catchy chorus. Lastly, the band is making their debut via KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT, who also manages the colorful oshare kei band Vivarush. So if you subscribed to KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT on YouTube to get video updates from Vivarush, you're already set up to get updates for Warumono!

Here's a short background on Warumono: formed back in April of 2018, this band was actually previously going by the name nakimushi (泣キ虫). The band didn't show off much in the many months that followed, aside from posting mysterious band pictures and instrumental samples. After changing their name to Warumono in December, the band unveiled their first look this month, where we saw their faces for the first time.

Check out the music video trailer and tracklist information for Hajimari hajimari below:

Hajimari hajimari. (¥1500)

01. Hajimari hajimari. (はじまりはじまり。)
02. Genjitsu touhi shitai. (現実逃避したい。)
03. Sumairu. (すまいる。)

For those of you who are curious, this is the band's old look when they went by the name nakimushi:

Finally, here are the current individual looks of the members of Warumono!

Vocalist: Takeru (尊)

Guitarist: Nagisa (渚)

Guitarist: Noaka (のあか)

Bassist: Riyu (梨夢)

Drummer: Iori (伊織)

Source: OHP
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