VIRGE Brings Back a Nostalgic Gothic Look and Sound with First Full Length Album

Even if it's only February, it's not too early hand out the award for best look of the year to Virge (ヴァージュ), is it? These guys have absolutely nailed their new look in their music video spot for the track"Vanish," off of their upcoming first full-length album Gracia-ガラシャ-. That's not the only big news from VIRGE: joining the band as of the new year are ex-MIZTAVLA members, hiryu and yu-ri.

The album was originally slated for April 10th but has now been pushed back to May 22nd as a result of the band joining SPEED DISK. The band has also released two new live-only distributions: Vanish at a live on 1/11 and Le ciel on their 2/22 live. Here's hoping both tracks make it onto the album.

VIRGE has yet to reveal the tracklist for Gracia-ガラシャ-, but they have revealed their new individual looks, their MV preview for "Vanish," and the upcoming album's cover and price. Check it all out below!

Vanish Look and MV Spot:

MV Teaser and One Man Tour :

Gracia-ガラシャ- (¥3240)

Here are the individual looks from "Vanish" for each member of VIRGE:


Vocalist: ryo (ex. Mediena)

Guitarist: sizuki (ex. Malisend)

Guitarist: hiryu (ex. MIZTAVLA)

Bassist: yu-ri (ex. MIZTAVLA)

Drummer: Aru (ex. Malisend)

Here are VIRGE's previous MVs in case you're interested in hearing more.

Source: OHP
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