VERXINA Announces Their 1st Full Length Album!

Verxina (ヴィルシーナ) will release their 1st full length album titled, Kyouten (教典) on March 20th of this year. To catch people up to speed with this band, Verxina debuted last year with their first single, Moshu (妄執), dropping last July and their second single, Izon (依存), this past December. While Verxina themselves seem to be newcomers to the scene, individual members have been around a lot longer than you might have guessed. The vocalist Hiro's first rodeo was with the band Visage who were active from 2001-2004, while the drummer, Mar, entered the scene as early as 1999 with the band Crecien de Rona. Despite these members going through many iterations and bands over the years, it finally seems like they've established a sound and aesthetic that sets them apart from most of the pack.

Album details are sparse for now but there is a good chance that the title tracks for their two singles so far might make it on there. There's also plans for them to reveal their new look for the album later this month.

Here's the PV from their first single, Moshu:

They've also released a PV from their second single, Izon:

Lastly, here are individual members' looks:

Vocalist: Hiro (ex. Visage, gossip, VARYL)

Guitarist: KAIE (ex. Luzmelt)

Guitarist: Coco. (ex. HiMEgoto)

Bassist: ZIKIRU 

Drummer: Mar (ex. Crecien de Rona, Faust, gossip, D'efend Chroma)

Source: OHP
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