SEIKE Opens Up About His Childhood Dream of Writing a Book—Support Him on Patreon!

Many of our readers will know SEIKE from his involvement with bands such as Seremedy, DIE/MAY, and currently as the vocalist of Kerbera. But did you know that he's set out to become an author as well? Yes, it's true! SEIKE is setting out to fulfill a childhood dream of writing his own novel, and he's giving his fans the opportunity to help him accomplish it.

VKH reached out to SEIKE for a comment on the new project. Here's what he told us:
It’s a fantasy sci-fi, and I started with the idea when I was 10. I’ve had the plot growing for about 18 years now, and I finally started to write it. My problem is that I’ve got ADHD and I’m bipolar, so it’s hard for me to sit down and get in focus. My Patreon helps me to feel the well-needed pressure to actually finish the book once and for all.

Or, the story is actually gonna be 4 books! 3 with the main story and one prequel. The prequel will come out after the rest, for reasons I can’t tell since it will spoil too much. It’s a very complicated story. I really hope I’ll be able to tell it without making it way too complicated for people...

I know most who read this will think I’m cocky now, but I aim for this to be a new Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games. I won’t stretch as far as saying Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones though. My target audience is teenagers between 14 and 18, but it will be a very psychological novel, so I’m not sure if 14-year-olds will enjoy as much as I hope, haha! We will see!

It includes magic, robots and spiritualism. I don’t want to tell more since it’s Patreon only-material and I’ve promised for it to be very limited to those who support me. Become a Patreon and get to know more! The basic plot is already on there! — SEIKE

Fans can support SEIKE's book on Patreon and get access to exclusive posts about the book on his Patreon feed—click here to check it out!

Sources: Official Patreon Page, SEIKE via E-mail
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