Mysterious Newcomers MUNOU NA LUCID Announce 2nd Single!

Despite not much being known about the band members' history, Munou na Lucid (無能なルシッド), have already left a good first impression with their first single, 「何も無い…何も無い…何も無い…」, which was released near the end of 2018. Now they're back with another insane yet beautiful look for their 2nd single titled, 「侵蝕リフレイン」(Shinsoku Refrain) which is slated to be released March 13th. This will also be their first release without drummer koki, who departed the band shortly before the band's first single released.  Tracklist for the single, a video preview of all the tracks, and individual members' looks can be found below.

Shinsoku Refrain (2000yen)

01. Shinsoku refrain (侵蝕リフレイン)
02. Kyôki no kuni no Alice (狂喜の国のアリス)
03. conflict..
04. Pantomime (パントマイム)

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Individual members' looks:

Vocalist: Muku

Guitarist: Iyu

Guitarist: Ten

Bassist: Ruze

In case you aren't familiar with this band, below is a music video for the title track of their first single:

Source: OHP
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