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Today we will be introducing everyone to Madmans Esprit!

Madmans Esprit is a post black metal and visual kei project based in Seoul and Berlin. The band released their first full-length album NACHT through the Italian black metal label, A Sad Sadness Song (Sub-label of ATMF) in 2014. Now, their new full-length 무의식의 의식화 (Conscientization of unconsciousness) was released in October 2018 through Gan-Shin Records, the European home of visual kei legends like DIR EN GREY, lynch. and MUCC.

In their album NACHT, the band combined various sub-genres of black metal with shoegazing-guitar melodies in a Neo-classical sense and emotional, sometimes even operatic clean vocals you would expect to hear from Japanese visual bands. The album delivers a big dynamic of emotions. From folky nylon guitar to suicidal lo-fi black metal, the darkness holds its breath and it bursts out with a cry.

After the band moved to Berlin, they successfully toured Europe, including Stockholm and Sweden in 2017. With the release of 무의식의 의식화, they will be doing an Asian tour. Compared to NACHT, 무의식의 의식화 (Conscientization of unconsciousness) has much broader influences from different genres, one can even smell the slight scent of post-punk and indie-rock with a bit of Radiohead as well. Needless to say, it is still very dark, depressive, and aggressive music. Remember, however, that the yellow color of a Van Gogh painting can be still be very sad. Similarly, this album has a wide variety of colors in its own way, each with their own spectrum of emotions. Some parts, like the vocal canon in the song a day in black or the grindcore-like instrumentals coexisting with the emotional fugue in 악마들의 무도회, show that the band is completely fearless to deconstruct genres in order to express their concept of DSBP (Depressive Suicidal Blackened Pop).

Madmans Esprit also have many press references, and we have some of them here for you:

"Seoul oder Berlin Hauptsache Metal" 2 Pages Interview – Legacy 95 02/2015

"Madmans Esprit is the work of one highly theatrical but, it has to be said, extremely talented individual (Kyuho) from South Korea, who, on the evidence of Nacht, is pretty good at everything" - Zero Tolerance

"Full of life (and death), Nacht is a stunning debut that demands attention." - 

"Off-the-wall, riveting, and well worth a listen – especially if you are feeling like you haven’t heard anything new for a while. You won’t be saying that after you’ve listened to Madmans Esprit" - AveNoctum

With more than 40 reviews from magazines, including Terrorizer, Decibel, Playboy, Sweden Rock, Metal Hammer, Legacy and 100+ reviews from online presses.

Below are some links to Madmans Esprit's music, PVs and official social media accounts for everyone to check out. Enjoy, everyone!

Physical CD link:

Here are Madmans Esprit's PVs 生卽苦 (Life, thus pain) and 소멸의 행렬 (Parade of extinction, 消滅の行列) from their album 무의식의 의식화 (Conscientization of unconsciousness):

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