Artist Profile: KHRYST+ (Featuring Former Members of SCREW and Nihilizm)

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Our next artist profile is going to be for a very new band: KHRYST+. This band is of particular interest to fans of the now-defunct SCREW and Nihilizm, as the band is comprised of ex-members of those two bands! KHRYST+ initially announced their existence and revealed vocalist BYO (ex-SCREW) as a member of the band, then revealed the rest of their lineup on July 30th of this year. The other members are: ex-Nihilizm guitarist Makina (who is now called QUINA), ex-Nihilizm bassist Hayato, (who is now called IЯU), and ex-SCREW drummer JIN.

KHRYST+ has already released BASALT, a six-track, 0th venue-limited mini-album. It was available exclusively at their debut oneman live on November 1st, which was called KHRYST+ LIVE #000000 and was held at at TSUTAYA O-WEST. Thankfully, a PV and mini-album teaser are available for your viewing on their YouTube channel. The band uses quite a bit of Christian and Catholic imagery (the band's name itself is a misspelling of "Christ"), so that kind of gives you an idea of the initial conceptual direction that they're heading in. Hopefully we get more music and wider distribution from them soon!

Check out KHRYST+'s look, PV, and mini-album teaser below! For more discussion about the band's music, check out the upcoming live stream that I will be hosting about KHRYST+! The live feed where the stream will be hosted is embedded at the bottom of this article.

Vocalist BYO
Guitarist QUINA
Bassist IЯU
Drummer JIN

KHRYST+ Links:
QUINA's Official Twitter
IЯU's Official Twitter
JIN's Official Twitter
BYO's Official Instagram
QUINA's Official Instagram
IЯU's Official Instagram
JIN's Official Instagram
Official Twitter
Official YouTube
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