NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST Lose Two Members + Statements

L to R: Daichi (gt), Masa (ba.), Hiro (vo.), Natsu (ds.), Cazqui (7 strings)

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST announced that 7-string guitarist Cazqui and guitarist Daichi will be leaving the band at the end of the year. Their last show with NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST will be December 16th at Shibuya STREAM HALL. Although their activities for 2019 are still being discussed, they have promised to release a live DVD of their one-man at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST.

The band has offered two statements on their website; one from the OHP and another from a google link attached to the OHP statement. According to one of the statements, two staff members on their label IRIS&CRISIS neglected to inform them of the band's income and accounting statements. Upon further investigation (with the help of a lawyer) they discovered some embezzlement and lack of payment on certain fees, leading them to decide to withdraw from the band. More information can be found in the translations of the statements below.

The following is the statement from their homepage:

Thank you very much for your support of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST from the beginning.

At this time, two of our members, listed below, have requested to withdraw from the band in 2018.

Cazqui (7 Strings)
Daichi (guitar)

We deeply regret such an abrupt announcement and apologize to our fans who have supported us and to all concerned.

The last performance featuring these members will be on December 16th, 2018, at Shibuya STREAM HALL.

The DVD of our one-man live at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST will be released within the year, and we are currently in talks about our activities for 2019.

To add some context to the situation, we have translated the additional statement they included. 

Two individuals in charge of money management at the band’s label IRIS&CRISIS (they will be named A and B respectively), neglected disclosure of income for Cazqui and Daichi, who both had become strongly distrustful of them. Through a lawyer, they asked for past band income disclosure, and discovered that A had been using a large amount of unspecified money for personal use.

As payments for musical production fees and merchandise design fees have yet to be made in addition to the above scandal with the label, both Cazqui and Daichi have stated that ‘If we were to continue activities with NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST in this kind of environment, it would be impossible to deliver high-quality music and performances to our fans,’ and they have decided to withdraw from the band’s schedule within the year.

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST's plans in 2019 are still up in the air. We will update you as soon as we learn more!

Source: OHP
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