Gossip to Disband After Releasing 3rd Full Album

The band ゴシップ (Gossip) has some really sad news for their fans, announcing that after their live at Meguro Rokumeikan on December 31st, they will be disbanding.

The band is very sorry for this sudden announcement but hope that everyone will continue to cheer them on and support them until the end.

Before the disbandment date though, Gossip will be releasing their new and final album which is titled
親愛なる鬼畜サイコ野郎(終身) (Shinai Naru Kichiku Psycho Yaro(shuushin)) and will be dropping on November 14th.

We have more details for everyone on Gossip's last album below:

親愛なる鬼畜サイコ野郎(終身)  (3780yen)


02. ヘドロ (Hedoro)
03. 面会謝絶 (Menkai Shazetsu)
04. 真夏ノ夜ノ夢 (Manatsu no Yoru no Yume)
05. 鳥籠 (Torikago)
06. ハナマチバーレスク ( Hanamachi Burlesque)
07. ロザリー (Rosary)
08. キッチンキラー (Kitchen Killer)
09. 少女A (Shoujo A)
10. 聖者の行進 (Seija no Koushin)
11. 覗き穴から隣人はヒ素かに笑う (Nozoki ana kara rinjin wa hiso ka ni warau)
12. 能無し腑抜けですね。(Nounashi Funuke Desu Ne)
13. 極東D.M.C (Kyokuto D.M.C)
14. コドク (Kodoku)
15. 輪廻 (Rinne)
16. 過呼吸 (Kakokyuu)

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Source: OHPCDJapan
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