[Updated] DADAROMA Returns From Hiatus With New Drummer, New Release Announcement, and More!

Final Update: Links for physical purchase, digital purchase, and streaming have now been added for dadaism#4! Grab your copy, and while you're at it join our listening party live stream for dadaism#4 and react along with us (click here)!

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Note 2: This is a fresh announcement and may be an ongoing story, so we will be updating this article with any small additional details if they come out. 
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Back at the end of August, DADAROMA fans had to endure the double-whammy of saying goodbye to drummer Yusuke and sending off the remaining band members as they began their hiatus. Thankfully, while on hiatus, DADAROMA announced an...announcement (say that five times fast), which was to be revealed on October 16th. Well the day has arrived, and it turns out DADAROMA is back in full force!

The band has made multiple announcements as part of their comeback. First of all, in addition to releasing a new look, DADAROMA has revealed their new drummer! He goes by the name of Ryohei.

Update: We've just gotten confirmation from Ryohei himself that he is in fact Len, former drummer of THE BLACK SWAN! He has changed his name to Ryohei now that he's joined DADAROMA! For those of you who are unfamiliar, THE BLACK SWAN was a very heavy visual kei band started by ex-Nega vocalist JIN. Personally, I think DADAROMA fans are going to be quite happy with this addition to the lineup!

Below is an image of Ryohei's first look as a member of DADAROMA:

Drummer Ryohei

Here are the 3 other band members' photos of them sporting their new look as well:

Vocalist Yoshiatsu

Guitarist Takashi
Bassist Tomo

And of course, you know what a new look (usually) means: a new release announcement! DADAROMA has announced it will be releasing a mini-album titled dadaism#4 in 2 types on November 14th. Type A comes with a DVD containing the PV for "Truely ra (トゥルリラ)", while Type B comes with an additional track: a piano rendition of "Ookami Shounen to Doku Ringo" (the original version of the track can be found on the band's dadaism#3 mini-album). Moreover, the band has uploaded a PV preview for "Truely ra" to their YouTube channel! Check out the PV preview below, then scroll on for tracklists and album details. (We'll add links when the album becomes available for preorder or purchase on CDJapan.)

dadaism#4 Type A (¥2,800)


1. Hotaru (蛍)
2. Heya to bra to watashi (部屋とブラジャーと私)
3. Truely ra (トゥルリラ)
4. Charisma rock star wa urenai ze (カリスマロックスターは売れないぜ!)
5. Kiss wo shiyou (キスをしよう)


1. "Truely ra (トゥルリラ)" PV

*Buy It on CDJapan

dadaism#4 Type B (¥2,300)


1. Hotaru (蛍)
2. Heya to bra to watashi (部屋とブラジャーと私)
3. Truely ra (トゥルリラ)
4. Charisma rock star wa urenai ze (カリスマロックスターは売れないぜ!)
5. Kiss wo shiyou (キスをしよう)
7. Ookami shounen to doku ringo~piano ver.~ (狼少年と毒林檎~piano ver.~)

*Buy It on CDJapan

Buy or Stream dadaism#4 Online

Last but not least, DADAROMA has announced a tour titled DADAROMA IS BACK TOUR「go home」which will start on November 17th. As part of the upcoming tour, the band has added some  new merch to be sold at their lives! If you're in the area and are interested in attending, check out the fliers the band put out on Twitter below, then click here for future updates about tickets and merchandise from the band's OHP.

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