VKH Live - Ranking Releases DADAROMA Edition: Discography Recap (Vote Now!)

DADAROMA is quite popular in the international visual kei fandom, and many of us in the visual kei media and industry appreciate them as well. So we were all deeply saddened upon hearing the unfortunate news of their drummer YUSUKE departing and their subsequent hiatus. That being said, many of us strongly suspect that the band will be back soon (as speculated on this stream and this stream). 

Either way, these events really do represent the of an era for DADAROMA. While we wait for the band's announcement in October, we're going recap and celebrate the music that they've already given us, and we want you to participate. So, as previously promised, we're doing a Ranking Releases stream for DADAROMAJoin us tonight on YouTube at 7:30 PM EST/4:30 PM PST, as we briefly go over the survey before recapping DADAROMA's discography to help refresh your memory! The survey is already live and linked below, along with details about the questions and the video where tonight's live stream will occur.

DADAROMA Ranking Releases Details and Survey Link

For those of you who are unfamiliar, VKH Live periodically does a series called Ranking Releases, where we pick an artist and a release type, and ask fans to rank them from favorite to least-favorite. For DADAROMA, we've linked a survey below for you to vote, but this one's a little different. There are two questions to vote in this time around. The question first is pretty easy: you'll be asked to vote for your favorite DADAROMA song. 

The second question is for fans who want a challenge: you'll be asked to rank all of the songs in DADAROMA's discography from favorite to least-favorite! We've made this one optional since it might take a bit of effort. However, I will say that the DADAROMA fans I've talked to who completed this have said they all enjoyed how it got them to think analytically about their favorite music. So while it may seem daunting, it's worth it for a band with as many memorable songs as DADAROMA. I think you'll enjoy it! Anyways, the link to survey is below:

We've had the survey up on our social media for a couple days now, but since the second survey question is quite the project, we're going to have a follow-up stream where we will reveal the results later on,  so that fans have plenty of time to fill it out. 

What's your favorite DADAROMA song? Think you're up for the challenge of the second question? Let me know in the live chat on tonight's stream, or in the YouTube comments if you watch the live stream recording at a later time. See you there!

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