VKH Live - DADAROMA Announces an Announcement + VKH Ranking Releases…Announcment…

DADAROMA recently tweeted that they have a big announcement planned for October. A lot of you all showed up to our previous DADAROMA stream and bonded with me over our mutual appreciation of this heavy band and the heartbreak from the current hiatus. So today I'm doing a stream to check in with everyone and speculate on what the announcement will be. Join us today on YouTube at 5:30 PM EST/2:30 PM PST, and share your thoughts in the live chat! 

Not only that, but we're also going to be going over our Ranking Releases stream happening next weekend for DADAROMA! I will go through the survey that we will be doing for those who are unfamiliar and to also explain the differences this time around to those of you have participated in the past. The survey to participate will be linked ahead of time on social media, and also in the Ranking Releases stream article in the future.

In case you missed it, VKH Press now has an official YouTube channel! You can check it out by clicking here. We will be uploading a lot of interesting content in the future, so make sure you subscribe! For now, we are uploading episodes of our podcast VKH Breakdown with improved audio and a visualizer of the episode's topics list (it's also currently available on Soundcloud, click here to listen!)

We also do live streams every Saturday evening on our YouTube channel. Make sure you join us to talk all things J-Rock and visual kei. We will be reading your comments in the chat, so feel free to ask us questions, give your thoughts on artists and events in the industry, or anything else you feel like saying! The exact time of these Saturday evening streams will vary from week to week, so make sure you follow us on Facebook (click here!) and Twitter (click here!) so you know what time to tune in!
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