Jupiter Unveils New Vocalist, Announces New Single + Tour

Left to Right: gt. Teru, ds. Daisuke, vo. Kuze, ba. Rucy, gt. Hizaki

Lots of exciting news from Jupiter today! Today, the band revealed their new vocalist, KUZE to their fans. KUZE is no stranger to the music scene; he is currently the vocalist for the Japanese power metal band SCREAMING SYMPHONY. Some might also recognize him as Kuze Atsushi, the former vocalist of CONCERTO MOON, whom he parted ways with in January of this year.

vo. KUZE / Twitter

KUZE is the newest addition to Jupiter's lineup, filling the spot former vocalist ZIN left when he departed the band earlier this year in February.

KUZE's addition came just in time, as Jupiter is ready to make their long-awaited comeback. Activities will begin on July 16 with their 5th anniversary live. The live will be followed by several other one-mans throughout the summer, which we reported previously (here).

In addition, Jupiter announced a new single for the summer! Their new single is called Theory of Evolution and will be on sale August 8, 2018. Fans who will be attending their gig on July 21 at Shinjuku ReNY, can purchase it in advance at the venue. The single will cost 2000 yen.

Below is the track-listing, cover work, and link to purchase the single:

Theory of Evolution
1. Theory of Evolution
2. Bring me out
3. Angel’s wings
4. Theory of Evolution – instrumental ver.-
5. Bring me out – instrumental ver.-
6. Angel’s Wings – instrumental ver.-
1. Theory of Evolution MV

Buy it on CDJapan by clicking here!

The band also treated us with the full MV of the new single! You can watch it below:

Lastly, the band announced their new headlining tour that will kick off in September and will end in December! Below are the tour dates:

Jupiter TOUR Theory of Evolution ~chapter I~
2018.9.17  - Yokohama BAYSIS
2018.9.21 - Umeda Zeela
2018.9.23 - Nagoya HeartLand
2018.9.24 - Shizuoka Sunash
2018.9.30  - Meguro Rockmaykan

Price: 4500 yen
On sale: August 18, 2018
Official Fanclub Venus Pre-sale: July 2 (18:00) until July 31 (23:59)

Jupiter TOUR Theory of Evolution ~chapter Ⅱ~
2018.11. 3 -  Urawa NARCISS
2018.11. 4  - Kichijouji SHUFFLE
2018.11. 7 - Nagoya CLUB 3STAR
2018.11. 9  - Osaka RUIDO
2018.11.10 -  Shiga B-FLAT

Price: 4500 yen
On sale: September 15, 2018
Official Fanclub Venus Pre-sale: August 1 (18:00) until September 2 (23:59)

Jupiter TOUR FINAL Theory of Evolution ~Dystopia~
2018.11.22 - Shimokitazawa GARDEN

Price: 4500 yen
On sale:September 15, 2018
Official Fanclub Venus Pre-sale: August 1 (18:00) until September 2 (23:59)

Source: OHP + YouTube Channel Jupiter @ YouTube

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  1. This is such a great tour. I love to come here with my friends