OFF-TOPIC: The Ultimate Visual Kei Music Video Bingo!

BabyKingdom - カマッチャイナ! (kama china!)
Watch here

We said we'll be doing it and now here it is: The ultimate music video Bingo, the best party game for you and your visual kei loving friends!
A few weeks ago we talked about the best PVs during one of our livestreams (here), so please check it out if you missed it. While we were streaming, Jeff and I came up with some ideas for this game and here they finally are!

What you have to do: Well, I guess most of you know how Bingo works. All you have to do is drawing a square with 3 x 3 mini squares inside (or 4 x 4, whatever you prefer). Next up, you write down possible scenarios that could be happening or things and objects that could be appearing during a PV you haven't watched yet.
While watching you tick every box as soon as something you guessed actually happened or appeared. Whoever got three (or four) ticks in a row first wins the game.

Since it's not so easy to come up with ideas for a game of Bingo, we decided to put together some suggestions. All of them can be found in several different PVs by many different bands, so they are rather common for visual kei videos.
But as always, feel free to add your own ideas down in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!

Other than that, have fun!

English Lyrics All Over the Screen
the GazettE - INSIDE BEAST
Watch here

Hand Gesture Towards the Sky
Watch here

The Hand-to-Heart Gesture
IGGY - 無名のバンクシー (mumei no banksy)
Watch here

  The Giving Gesture
ヴァージュ (virge) - 夜想 (yasou)
Watch here

You Won't See Me
DEXCORE - Imitation
Watch here

Vocalist Dramatically Falling to Knees
ラッコ (LACK-CO.) - 幽囚谷のバッタ (yuushuu tani no batta)
Watch here

Epic Hightlight Reel Before PV Starts
REIGN - Ghost labyrinth
Watch here

Showing One Member After Another Like They're Posing For a Photo Shoot
零[Hz] (zero[Hz]) - AGUL
Watch here

For a Nice Solo the Guitarist Gets a Little More Screen Time Than Usual
JILUKA - Faizh
Watch here

Synchronic Headbanging
Lolita23q - HIKARI
Watch here

Hollywood-like Green Screen Effects & Animations
BabyKingdom - チョコレートキャンディパンチ (chocolate candy punch)
Watch here

Choreography! (furitsuke)
マーブルヘッド (marblehead) - 【噂と情報】週刊めろちゃすたそ♡【マガジン!】([uwasa to jouhou] shuukan merochasutaso ♡ [magazine!])
Watch here

Background Dancers! (Or Just Dancing In General)
Watch here

Someone Sitting On a Fancy Couch
Watch here

Super Exaggerated Smile
0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no gosan) - 有害メンヘラドール (yuugai menhera doll)
Watch here

Beautiful Eye Close-up
シビレバシル (sibilebashir) - サヨナラ狂詩曲 (sayonara kyoushikyoku)
Watch here

Beautiful Lip Close-up
Watch here

 Censored Scenes Because YouTube Can't Handle It
Watch here

High School Students & School Uniforms
the Raid. - ウラメシヤ (urameshiya)
Watch here

Woman With Long Black Hair & White Dress Appears
llll-Ligro- - 彼岸花 (HIGANBANA)
Watch here

Hallelujah, It's Raining
游彩 (yusai) - 雨 (ame)
Watch here

Watch here

So Much Blood
SCAPEGOAT - 赤いバスルーム (akai bathroom)
Watch here

Someone Dies
シェルミィ (shellmy) - 少女地獄 (shoujo jigoku)
Watch here

Someone Is Being Killed
R指定 (R-Shitei) - 魅惑のサマーキラーズ (miwaku no summer killer)
Watch here

Someone Is Throwing Up or Eating Something Disgusting
Watch here

  Any Kinds of Objects or Gestures Related to Sex
まみれた (mamireta) - お邪魔します (ojamashimasu)
Watch here

Random White Liquid (Most Likely a Symbol For Sperm)
DatuRΛ - 禁断の果実 (kindan no kajitsu)
Watch here

So Much Band Information, You Can't Even See What's Happening
BRATBAX - Jailbird
Watch here

One of Those Studios You've Seen a Trillion Times Before
ピサロ (pisarro) - gradation
Watch here

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