OFF-TOPIC: 10 Funny Songs & MVs That Will Make Your Day

Are you still shocked after watching all the videos from our off-topic post about extremely disturbing and scandalous MVs (here)? Don't worry, since we've been evil enough to put you through all of that, we're now offering some help to recover: 10 incredibly funny songs and MVs that will make your day so much better! Moreover, because it's been April 1st yesterday, this kind of list seems like the perfect idea to pick up the good mood.

So here we go! We hope some of those examples are in accordance with your sense of humour.

1. カメレオ (kameleo) - ごめんなさいっ! (gomen nasai!)

Have you ever participated in a group date? カメレオ (kameleo) are giving it a try in their ごめんなさいっ! (gomen nasai!) MV. As you can probably already guess, most of the members aren't really successful... However, will vocalist Hikaru as awkward protagonist find his one true love in the end? Watch and find out!

2. 怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (kaitou sentai nusumunja) - やっぱりバイトに行きたくない (yappari baito ni ikitakunai)

怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (kaitou sentai nusumunja) are picking up a topic we all can relate to: The non-existent motivation to go to work. But what if we actually meet someone special there who will turn our lifes upside down? That's exactly what is happening to vocalist Masato as he's starting to fall in love with his female coworker. But... is it really a woman? Ironically, in this seemingly usual everyday life situation, the band hints at a typical 'visual kei problem': You can never be 100% sure about someone's gender...

3. ジャックケイパー (jack caper) - 妄想スパイス (mousou spice)

Usually, there are only two kinds of people: They either love spicy food or they're hating it. For all the lovers of dishes like Japanese curry, ジャックケイパー (jack caper) made a whole song about this culinary passion. Well then, itadakimasu!


Hydrag is pretty much the level up of what else could have gone wrong in kaitou sentai nusumunja's MV. A poor waiter at a night club keeps on dropping drinks and food which causes a lot of drama for him and his boss. But karma is doing its job in the end and the two men get their sweet revenge.
Unfortunately, we only have a short spot of the video for you (see above). Nevertheless you're already getting a good glimpse of the hilarious plot!

5. 花少年バディーズ (hana shounen baddies) - ウラシマンタロウ (URASHIMAN-TARO)

Maybe it's just me and my extremely weird sense of humour but I was basically lying on the floor laughing after only a few seconds watching this video... Hands down, 花少年バディーズ (hana shounen baddies) know how to turn an absolutely random idea into something incredibly funny.

6. 0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no gosan) - 溺愛ヤンデレボーイ (dekiai yandere boy)

And we have more chaotic dates for you! Four members of 0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no gosan) are playing the worst kinds of boyfriends totally ruining the day of their lover. But thanks to vocalist Yuu being a non-human entity who is able to control the characters' actions, everyone gets what they deserve. Dark humour at its best!

7. マーブルヘッド (marblehead) - 【噂と情報】週刊めろちゃすたそ♡【マガジン!】([uwasa to jouhou] shuukan merochasutaso ♡ [magazine!])

For this video, I decided to say nothing at all. Just watch without any expectations and enjoy. And yes, you will definitely enjoy it.

8. えんそく (ensoku) - 中二病の救世主 (chuunibyou no kyuuseishu)

That awkward moment when your mother catches you live-streaming as the prince of gothic. But えんそく (ensoku) teach us to keep on believing and fighting for our dreams, no matter how many people are telling us that we're crazy. It's such an emotional plot that laughing about it feels kind of wrong... Well, at least a little... 

9. まみれた (mamireta) - 死因:無視 (shiin: mushi)

Ne, ne, did you watch this one already? I'm convinced this video will help having plasters as hair clips and breakdance become the next big things among visual kei bands. Who's taking the bet?

10. ゴールデンボンバー (golden bomber) - また君に番号を聞けなかった (mata kimi ni bangou o kikenakatta)


And lastly, here is an all time classic for you! Basically, all videos of ゴールデンボンバー (golden bomber) are perfect for this list, so また君に番号を聞けなかった (mata kimi ni bangou o kikenakatta) is just one example. If you want more, we recommend to check out their other MVs too!

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