VKH Breakdown Episode 9 - #NewsBlast: A9's Identity Theft, Yoshiki x Marilyn Manson, and More Upcoming Releases

Time for more caffeine! Jeff and Winona are back at it again with another #NewsBlast. Join them as the run through all kinds of news, controversies, and shocking announcements that have been happening in the visual kei scene. We've linked our articles relating to the news topics we discussed in the show notes, so make sure you scroll down and click around to read more. 2018 is off to one hell of a busy start!

Guess what? VKH Breakdown is coming to YouTube! We are also looking at other platforms to add the podcast to, so if you have a personal preference please let us know via Twitter or email.

Thanks to Deviloof for providing this week’s intro and outro music, and special thanks to vocalist Keisuke for personally introducing the episode! The intro track is "Devil’s Proof" and the outro track is "HERO=MURDER", the first and last tracks from the band’s latest album Devil’s Proof. Get more info about the band and get the album at the links below:

Make sure you also follow our new Twitter account and like our Facebook page. We post all kinds of music recommendations, rants and cheesy visual kei jokes to each one. If you'd like us to talk about a certain topic or answer a question on the show, tweet at us and email us at vkhbreakdown@gmail.com. Links to the podcast and show notes are below:

Show Notes With Related Links (Click on a topic to a view a related article!)

07:30 – What we’re listening to (general recommendations.)
– WIPEOUT by Crossfaith. Click here for Jeff’s review of WIPEOUT.

24:00 – #ShowNotShou (A9 identity theft): please send screenshots of online abuse you've received from any A9 member imposter accounts to shownotshou@gmail.com.

34:04 – Marilyn Manson and Yoshiki are working on a song: Tweet us at @VKH_Breakdown and let us know what you think of this collaboration. 

40:39 – DIR EN GREY’s new single Ningen wo Kaburu: Roughly translating to “Wearing Human Skin”, the title suggests that this will be a typically savage release.

43:33 – Former DELUHI, 12012, and AND Members form new band breakin’ holiday: Winona gives us the Biblical context of the apocryphal Genesis story of Lilith (which the band’s first single is named after).

52:50 – Sick. gives away their upcoming mini-album and reveals new members: Jeff makes a Sick. joke so corny it warranted adding in cricket noises.

1:00:29 – Satoshi (ex. drummer of DIV) comes back in LapLus: A little birdie told us this debut EP is very good. Jeff will be putting up his review of「HAKUMEI」on its release day, so make sure you check it out and see what he thinks.

1:02:05 – Kra vocalist Keiyu and ex-BORN guitarist K form new unit C+K: Jeff and Winona talk about how intriguing it is to see Keiyu in a unit with such a dark look.

1:07:19 – KAMIJO - New album Sang details: Jeff and Winona both lose their minds trying to describe KAMIJO’s upcoming releases and events, all of which are named “Sang”.

1:17:45 – Matenrou Opera's drummer Yu retires from band activities: Some very sad news from a very unlucky band.

1:20:40 – Chisa and Shogo for ACME and have released their ROTTEN ORANGE hoodie (as featured in their new look!)

1:25:25 – BabyKingdom releasing new single Chocolate Candy Punch: Jeff challenges you to give this band a shot in spite of its...interesting...name, because they’re actually quite fun to listen to.

1: 31:13 – VIVARUSH opens English Facebook page, starts a giveaway, and releases a subtitled live video for overseas fans: 500 likes in under two weeks? These guys are doing something right.

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