OFF-TOPIC: 10 Extremely Violent, Disturbing & Scandalous PVs (Part 1)

Welcome to another fun off-topic post! Finally we're taking a look at the very dark side of visual kei and have you replace your daily horror movie with some great PVs instead. 
Yes, there are hundreds of videos for this kind of category, so those we picked definitely aren't the most disturbing and scandalous ones, but just a few examples. Thanks to this mass of artworks to choose from, part 2 will definitely be up in a few months too.

But first things first, we hope you enjoy this article! If you're uncomfortable with watching very violent and shocking content, we really recommend you not to click on any of the videos below. Most of them are very detailed and uncensored, so please be aware!

1. SCAPEGOAT - 拒絶 (kyozetsu)

Let's start with the video which is probably the least disturbing - depending on what you consider hard to watch of course. SCAPEGOAT are experts when it comes to violent PVs, so no such a list can be published without mentioning them. Usually, it's their vocalist randomly murdering people every now and then or there is just a lot of blood for whatever reason. 拒絶 (kyozetsu) is only one example, but the version on their official YouTube channel (see above) is censored and as a result it doesn't seem all too bad. If you want the hardcore edition, you may look up the uncensored video instead.

2. 己龍 (kiryu) - 朱花艶閃 (shuka ensen)

Similar to SCAPEGOAT, 己龍 (kiryu) know how to shock their fans too. So once again, 朱花艶閃 (shuka ensen) is only just one example of so many PVs full of blood and brutality. 'Luckily' however, you get all of that in the best quality and uncensored on their official channel, so grab your popcorn and enjoy - if you can.

3. NEGA- Muddy Cult

Back then it's been the video everyone warned us about. 'Don't watch it!' they said. Yet we watched it, and we regretted it. There is too much going on in this PV to sum it up in only a few sentences. Let's just say it's very, very bloody... If you haven't seen it yet and you're curious now, go for it but don't say we didn't warn you.

4. R指定 (R-shitei) - 毒廻る (doku mawaru)

Pedophilia is a very popular topic for many bands when it comes to lyrics. Not sure if we really needed the visual portrayal of it though. Thank you R指定 (R-shitei), I guess?
(Side note: The video has also been discussed in one of our VKH Breakdown podcasts [here]. So dear Jeff and Winona, this one is here for you. You're welcome.)

5. シビレバシル (sibilebashir) - 存在抹消 -生き地獄の人生ゲーム- (sonzai masshou - iki jigoku no jinsei game -)

Prepare for a lot madness because basically, that's what シビレバシル (sibilebashir) are standing for. Did you think the video above was fun to watch? Well, we have great news for you then: There is so much more of that on their channel. However, maybe it would be wise to take it slow. Who knows what 'binge-watching' their PVs may does to your sanity...

6. Chiodo - 去勢 (kyosei)

Scenes of torture and eating insects alive is why Chiodo's 去勢 (kyosei) made it to this list. We're sorry for the spoiler but just take it as a warning to think twice if you really want to press the play button or not... But then again, we never said any of those videos here were pleasant to watch.

7. DADAROMA - 最終電車 (saishuu densha)

Okay, I'm taking back my previous statement: Maybe there are MVs that are actually 'pleasant' to watch. DADAROMA are the only exception when it comes to disturbing PVs because 最終電車 (saishuu densha) actually belongs to the category of scandalous videos. There is no blood, no violence, no murders, no torture, no unhappy people. Just a couple having sex and you see... basically most of it very clearly. Those soft porn elements however were violating YouTube's guidelines, so the PV has been removed from the band's official channel shortly after they uploaded it.

8. ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh) - 鵺-chimera- (nue-chimera-)

Probably the only video having many of you wondering why it's on this list because it seems fairly harmless. Nevertheless I'm convinced most viewers are feeling strange while watching it. But why? Well, after all it's the band members who are ending up dead here and not just an actor we've never seen before. Moreover, they released this PV a few months before they announced to disband. So have they been symbolically foreshadowing what was about to happen? Maybe, who knows...

9. シェルミィ (shellmy) - 少女地獄 (shoujo jigoku)

Seeing 少女地獄 (shoujo jigoku) for the very first time without knowing other PVs by シェルミィ (shellmy), you may get the impression that they have a lot of hate towards women. Addionally, the song itself is about the very tragic topic of wanting to commit suicide, so it's a huge contrast to what is going on in the video where none of the girls actually wants to die. All those things can give you an uncomfortable feeling watching it. However, if you check out their PV for ストロードール (straw doll) too, you will understand why the members are doing what they're doing. But then again, it still doesn't take away much of the gruesomeness...

10. Dir En Grey - Obscure

If you think we forgot about Dir En Grey, then no, of course we didn't, we just saved the best for last. Talking about the most disturbing visual kei PVs, this one usually comes to mind first because even now it's probably still the most unsettling one that exists. We don't want to spoil it for you, so if you haven't seen it yet and you think all the other videos on this list have been pretty terrifying already, you will definitely enjoy Obscure.

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