MATENROU OPERA Gains New Guitarist and Announces New Single

Great news for MATENROU OPERA fans! The band has hired a new guitarist, JaY, who will have his first live on May 4th. After losing Yuu a few weeks ago and Anzi in 2016, MATENROU OPERA are finally pulling together their line-up once again. With JaY as their new guitarist, they'll be releasing a new single Invisible Chaos this coming June. Details for Invisible Chaos have yet to be released, but the band has some things to say regarding their new member (see below).

Initially, JaY was going to retire from music after his previous band LIGHTBRINGER went on indefinite hiatus, but then he met MATENROU OPERA. You can follow him on Twitter! @JuNebd5150

This is what JaY had to say about the announcement via the LIGHTBRINGER account:

Translation: I thought this band was over and so I was thinking of taking a break from guitar and going back home to Osaka.

It was at that time, I had a new encounter. 
I want to play guitar one more time. 
I want to aim at the top with music one more time. 
More than anything, I want to play in a band again. It was when I kept having these thoughts that I met the band. (@lovelystaff)

Translation: And with that, I've decided to play the guitar. 
Thinking back on everything now, I feel nothing but gratitude towards LIGHT BRINGER’s members and fans. It was so much fun doing music together. 
I feel like there aren’t enough words to express myself but thank you very much. (@lovelystaff)

Below are tweets from the band's official Twitter:

Translation: From May 4th, it has been decided that our support guitarist JaY will become an official. 
As we gain a new structure, thank you for always supporting MATENROU OPERA. Click here to learn more. (@opera_staff)

Translation: New single "Invisible Chais" releasing June 2018! With the release, we also decided to hold the nationwide tour "Invisible Chaos TOUR"! Click here to learn more (@opera_staff)

Source: OHP, JPopAsia 
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