How to Parody a Parody: kaitou sentai nusumunja's Own Version of 0.1g no gosan

For those of you who are wondering about their band name: Yes, they changed it again. Formerly known as 怪盗戦隊-A- (kaitou sentai -A-) and 怪盗少年 (kaitou shounen), 怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (kaitou sentai nusumunja) will be back on April 4th with a new single called 無害ヘラヘラガール (mugai herahera girl). It comes for 1200 yen including the title track and a remix version of their song ロスマリネ (rosmarine). You can pre-order it here on CDJapan.

Now let's get to the interesting part though: Looking at their band photo above you might spot some similarities with a recent picture of visual band 0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no gosan):

Clearly, this isn't just a coincidence but done on purpose because mugai herahera girl is supposed to be a parody of 0.1g no gosan's song 有害メンヘラドール (yuugai menhera doll). And to make sure everyone will notice, vocalist Masato pointed out everything they copied very precisely on his Twitter account. Since their looks and song wouldn't be enough, they decided to make their own versions of the band's logo, tweets and music video too:

Of course we also got both PVs for you, so take a look and enjoy:

As it seems, 0.1g no gosan didn't comment on this issue publicly yet and hence their point of view stays unknown for now. In case you never heard of kaitou sentai nusumunja before, their band concept can be compared to Golden Bomber's, so what they are doing here isn't exactly surprising. Moreover, with yuugai menhera doll they chose a song and PV that isn't to be taken seriously in the first place which means they are basically parodying a parody. But even so, is this still acceptable or are they taking it too far? Let us know your opinion!

Source: Masato's Twitter, OHP
Video Source: 怪盗戦隊 @YouTube, 誤算0.1gの @Youtube
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