DAMY - New Single Details + Full MV

DAMY announced a while ago that they will be releasing a new single titled トモダチごっこ (Tomodachigokko) on April 4th of this year and we thought we would share the details for this new upcoming single!

Here are the details for トモダチごっこ (Tomodachigokko):

トモダチごっこ Type A (1944yen)


01.トモダチごっこ (Tomodachigokko)
02.奈落 (Naraku)


トモダチごっこ (Tomodachigokko) MV

トモダチごっこ Type B (1620yen)


01.トモダチごっこ  (Tomodachigokko)
02.奈落 (Naraku)
03.きみのわるぐち (Kimi no Waruguchi)

DAMY has also uploaded the full version of their music video トモダチごっこ (Tomodachigokko) from this new single as well.

You can watch the full version of the music video below:

Source: OHP
Video source: DAMY Official via Youtube
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