umbrella and More Collaborated on a Live-Limited Mini-Album

Since December, More and umbrella have been working on a mini-album together! And they play with their individual branding with its title 揺れる傘、廻る歯車 (Yureru kasa, mawaru haguruma) - whcih translates to "Skaking umbrella, turning gears." The mini-album is being sold at their three coupling performances, and you can check out the preview for it below. The mini-album has 6 songs, one of which is a collab between the two bands. Two of the songs the bands cover each other. The mini-album costs ¥2,500. If you know anyone who can get you a copy, you should reach out!

You can follow More and umbrella's partnered Twitter @umbrella_more to keep up with the collab.

Event Tour
2018.02.11(SUN) Kitahorie club Vijon
2018.02.12(MON) Imaike 3STAR
2018.02.25(SUN) Ikebukuro Tegatana

Yureru kasa, mawaru haguruma (¥2,500)
umbrella & More coupling CD
1. Kaleidoscope(instrumental)
2. Yureru kasa, mawaru haguruma ((collaboration song)
3. whisper(More - new song)
4. WALK(umbrella - new song)
5. LoV(More - umbrella cover song)
6. The Hanged Man(umbrella - More cover song)

Source: More OHP
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