VIVARUSH - Introduction, English Video Message for Fans, and Plans for Overseas Promotions

Great news for overseas visual kei fans! An indie band named VIVARUSH has just partnered with V STAR PROMOTION to work on overseas promotions. For context, V STAR PROMOTION is responsible for Rides In ReVellion's U.S. debut at Anime USA in Washington, D.C. last year, as well as for bringing MORRIGAN to Europe for their tour this year. They also work with Deviloof on their promotions. They specialize in helping visual kei bands reach audiences overseas.

Together, V STAR PROMOTION and VIVARUSH have released the band's first English comment video. You can check it out below:

We've covered VIVARUSH a few times in the past, but now it's time a for a proper introduction! VIVARUSH was formed in 2016 by former members of the band A≠ris. Musically/visually, they're a genki oshare kei band, so if you miss the happy visuals and poppy sounds of bands like SuG (back when they were part of PSC), then this is the band for you! 

Check out the band via the links below, and make sure to follow V STAR PROMOTION on Facebook and Twitter for updates on overseas promotions for VIVARUSH and other visual kei bands. Also check out the PV preview for VIVARUSH's newest single Odarasare jinsei, along with the PV for their September single Mademoiselle, which are embedded at the bottom of this article.

Lastly, we introduced VIVARUSH and played some of their music on the latest episode of our podcast VKH Breakdown. Vocalist ruimaru was even kind enough to introduce the episode himself! You can check that out here:
Official YT Channel (KERBEROS Entertainment):
Vocalist ruimaru's Twitter: @vr_ruimaru
Guitarist Belle's Twitter: @vr_belle_
Guitarist yukimura's Twitter: @vr_yukimura
Bassist qs's Twitter: @vr_qs
Drummer pamy's Twitter: @vr_pamypamy

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