VKH Breakdown Episode 6 - New Year's Special: the GazettE, Mejibray, DADAROMA, SuG, A9, BugLug, VAMPS, and ASAGI (featuring music by MAGIC OF LiFE)

It's a special New Year's episode of VKH Breakdown! Join Jeff, Winona, and James as they review the highlights (and lowlights) of J-Rock and Visual Kei in 2017, make predictions about 2018, react to yet another WTF moment courtesy of Visual Kei, and so much more. #GlowUp2018

Special thanks to ​MAGIC OF LiFE for providing the intro and outro music for this episode. The intro track is "Skill Flower" and the outro track is "SENKOUHANABI", from their latest album Niemeyer. Get more info about the band and buy the album at the links below:
OHP: magicoflife.jp/
Niemeyer on CDJapan: www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/DDCZ-2165

If you'd like us to talk about a certain topic or answer a question on the show, email us at vkhbreakdown@gmail.com. Check us out on Soundcloud, like our Facebook page, and let us know what you think! Links to the podcast and show notes are below:

Soundcloud Page: soundcloud.com/vkhbreakdown/
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Email: vkhbreakdown@gmail.com

Show Notes
3:57 - What we're listening to: Winona introduces Jeff and James to BRADIO.
7:00 - A9's PV for「F+IX=YOU」
16:30 - BLESS THIS MESS - first full album 「XIALL RAIN」
20:15 - Jeff's 2017 Highlights: ​Deviloof, ONE OK ROCK, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, Kizu, A9, Pentagon Japan and OxT at A-Kon, We Are X
27:30 - Winona's 2017 Highlights: ​VAMPS, ONE OK ROCK, T.M.Revolution and JAM Project at Anisong World Matsuri
36:40 - James' 2017 Highlights: ​Ai, Deviloof, llll-Ligro-, lix, Creature Creature
38:50 - 2017 Lowlights: Mejibray's Hiatus
47:05 - 2017 Lowlights: SuG Disbanding
47:53 - 2017 Lowlights: Far East Dizain
51:30 - Interlude: WTF Tsuzuku?! (See this episode's thumbnail for reference)
58:54 - 2017 Lowlights: VAMPS
1:00:22 - Our 2018 New Year's resolutions for J-Rock and Visual Kei
1:09:32 - Our predictions for 2018
1:34:38 - Looking ahead to 2018 releases: Crossfaith, the GazettE, Buglug, DADAROMA, and ASAGI

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