OFF-TOPIC: 10 Birthday Songs You Should Add to Your Party Playlist

Still thinking about the perfect music for your next birthday party? Here are our recommendations!
Just like Halloween (here), birthdays are a common song topic for visual kei bands. We looked up ten examples which should definitely be part of your playlist!
But beware: Not all of them are,... well, let's say they aren't exactly very 'nice'. So, if you're picking songs for friends, you may should think about some of them twice.

1. 黒夢 (kuroyume) - Happy Birthday

Let's start with some jazzy birthday wishes by 黒夢 (kuroyume)! Are you enjoying this song? Then there are good news for you: Kiyoharu recorded a second version of this track, so go check out both of them!

2. Ayabie - Birthday Song

And we're keeping up the nostalgia feeling with Ayabie's Birthday Song! This one is for those of you prefering a romantic mood instead of partying hard.


Now here comes the first more dangerous song: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KILL YOU by BugLug. If your guests don't understand any Japanese, you should be fine though.

4. ケミカルピクチャーズ (chemical pictures) - 世界を撃った男のテーマ -38mm Birthday Special- (sekai wo utta otoko theme -38mm Birthday Special-)

With just one minute and 18 seconds, this is the shortest song on our list. But despite the time this nice little rock track by ケミカルピクチャーズ (chemical pictures) shouldn't be missing at your party!

5. ゴシップ (gossip) - ハッピーバースデー (happy birthday)

Spice up your birthday party with some darker vibes by adding ゴシップ (gossip) - ハッピーバースデー (happy birthday) to your playlist! Go check out the song if you haven't done so yet!

6.  アヲイ(awoi) - Unhappy Birthday to Me

Who else hates getting older every year? Right, it's actually pretty sad. アヲイ(awoi) could relate and made a song for everyone feeling gloomy rather than happy.


Now take the 'un' from 'happy' and put it in front of 'birthday' and voilà, you've got D's HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY! It sounds like one of those not so nice songs, but it's actually quite a jolly track, so no need to worry.

8. グリーヴァ (grieva) - Happy birthday NEW Mother fuxxer.

You have been invited to a birthday party of someone you don't like, but you just can't tell this person about your feelings? Well, tell him or her with a song instead: Happy birthday NEW Mother fuxxer. by グリーヴァ (grieva)! And when you did, please let us know what happened in the comments!

9. DaizyStripper - BIRTHDAY SONG

If you're a bad singer and always messing up everyone's party by chanting the common Happy Birthday song, let DaizyStripper do it in your place. You'll see, everyone is going to love it!

10. the GazettE - No.[666]

No birthday song list is completed without No.[666] by the GazettE. You think the title doesn't sound like it's related to birthdays at all? Well, look up the lyrics and play the track.
Hope you're having a happy bloody birthday party!

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