VKH Breakdown Episode 4D - Deviloof, DIMLIM, DARRELL, and DEXCORE (featuring music by Deviloof)

(Note from Jeff: This episode had some audio issues, especially on my side. I edited as best as I could, but it's still there a bit. Future episodes will have some noticeable audio upgrades. Thanks!)

After a few weeks off, Jeff and Winona return for a very special 4D edition of VKH Breakdown. Ok, it’s not exactly special; they just discuss way too many bands that begin with the letter “D” and Jeff likes puns, hence the episode title (“I will never apologize for bad puns.” —Jeff DeWitte, 2017). Join them as they talk about a variety of up and coming indie visual kei bands, and make sure you catch Winona’s fantastic rant about DIMLIM’s most recent PV.

Special thanks to Deviloof for providing the intro and outro music for this episode. The music comes from their first full album Devil’s Proof (“DESTINATION” for the intro, “LOVER” for the outro), available now at this link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/DAKDVLF-4?s_ssid=e37fdf59ccee81cbc7

If you'd like us to talk about a certain topic or answer a question on the show, email us at vkhbreakdown@gmail.com. Check us out on Soundcloud, like our Facebook page, and let us know what you think! Episode 3, links to the podcast, and show notes are below:

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Email: vkhbreakdown@gmail.com

Show Notes:
4:16 - What we're listening to: Winona explains the surprisingly Biblical nature of DIAURA’s last album. Jeff gets self conscious while watching JILUKA PVs.
14:10 - LOKA’s equipment stolen before Paris concert. Fundraiser Link: https://www.leetchi.com/c/nonprofit-loka
17:39 - UNiTE.’s new alter ego band Kuro UNiTE.
23:50 - Deviloof’s first full album: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/DAKDVLF-4?s_ssid=e37fdf59ccee81cbc7
40:15 - DIMLIM loses their bassist and drummer. Special feature: Winona’s bewildered reaction to the band’s PV for 「初潮」(“Shochou”, which translates to “First Menstruation” or “Menstrual Flow”)
53:03 - DEATHGAZE lives on in vocalist and drummer’s new bands DARRELL and DEXCORE. Winona and Jeff discuss first impressions of the two new bands and theorize about the impact it might have on Ai’s and Naoki’s growth as artists.
1:09:40 - Artist Spotlight: Zombie (Zonbi). Jeff introduces a new segment highlighting interesting up-and-coming artists, starting with Zanyzap’s latest rising star.
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