VKH Breakdown Episode 3 - A Heaping Helping of Podcast (featuring music by YOHIO)

Today is Thanskgiving here in the United States, so while Americans gather with their families to eat an excessive amount of food, we decided to release an excessive amount of podcast ahead of schedule to go along with it. Join Jeff and Winona as they discuss a wide variety of recent topics in-depth, unedited, and unfiltered. We hope you'll enjoy this extended episode, whether you're recovering from a turkey coma, hiding from your relatives, or just going about another regular day outside the U.S.

Special thanks to YOHIO for providing the intro and outro music this week. The music you'll hear is from 夏の終わりの約束 (Natsu no Owari no Yakusoku), his first single as a solo artist in 5 years! Check out the single preview and buy it via the links below:
Single preview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZm71aWo4v4
Spotify: bit.ly/NATSUSpotify
Apple Music/iTunes: bit.ly/NATSUApple
Google Play Music: bit.ly/NATSUGooglePlay

If you'd like to give feedback, request a topic for a future episode, or ask a question to be read on the show, email us at vkhbreakdown@gmail.com. Check us out on Soundcloud, like our Facebook page, and let us know what you think! Episode 3, links to the podcast, and show notes are below:

Soundcloud Page: soundcloud.com/vkhbreakdown/
Facebook Page: fb.me/vkhbreakdown
Email: vkhbreakdown@gmail.com

Show Notes:
6:50 - What we're listening to: Winona talks about KAMIJO and MORE. Jeff goes through releases by lynch., Kizu, mamireta, Lie and a Chameleon, and Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Apple Music links for MORE:
Apple Music link for BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE by lynch.: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blood-thirsty-creature-single/1300255182
46:00 - Answering a listener question: we talk about visual kei artists breaking into Jpop and J-Rock.
58:55 - AllS: we talk about the new band from the members of ALSDEAD, including our hopes and concerns about their first release.
1:05:10 - YOHIO: Jeff gives his first impressions on the artist's first single in 5 years
1:12:30 - MIYAVI: we pull apart the samurai guitarist's dance-based versus album
1:28:12 - MUCC: we talk about the band's 20th anniversary tribute album and reflect on our fondest memories of the band's storied career.
1:46:25 - Pouring one out for our homies in SuG: we pay tribute to the disbanding of a much-beloved band.
2:00:30 - Deviloof: we discuss the band's upcoming first full album, and try to pin down where these guys are heading.
2:15:05 - R-Shitei: Jeff goes through the indie powerhouse's recent and dramatic evolution.

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