LM.C brought “The Neverending Veda” Tour to a close with “The VEDA -GRAND FINALE-” on October 24th at Akasaka BLITZ. The stage was set up with a series of lamps and lights that had been used all throughout the VEDA tours. The drum set was on a raised platform at the back of the stage giving the set up a more dynamic look. 

The sound of bells and windchimes signalled the start of the live and the crowd began clapping as the support band members filed out on stage one-by-one. Guitarist Aiji entered followed by vocalist Maya who told the crowd, “Let’s start”, kicking off the show with “LET ME CRAZY!!”. It got the crowd dancing and the venue was lit up with colorful laser lights. The lights switched to a deep blue as they followed with “レインメーカー (Rainmaker)”, prompting the audience to headbang to the heavy guitar riffs.

Maya welcomed the crowd to the live saying, “It’s the tour final, are you ready to have fun?!” and got them pumped up for the next song, “METALLY”. Aiji moved to the edge of the stage, brandishing his guitar in the air and gesturing for them to get even more hyped as the intro began to play. The crowd followed suit and went wild for the performance. Maya sprayed water into the crowd to keep them cool and the band kept the energy upbeat and lively by following immediately with “CHAKRA” and “DOUBLE DRAGON”.

They paused afterwards and Maya introduced the band and welcomed everyone to the live. He told the crowd, “Let’s go so hard we’ll go to bed and sleep like we’re sick!”

With that determination, “Fight Club” was the perfect follow up. The crowd chanted along with the catchy beat and flashing lights matching the duo’s energy. “阿修羅 (Ashura)” and “GaMuShaRa” came right after and if you weren’t dancing till that point it would have been impossible to keep still. Maya was twirling the mic in his hands and swinging his hips from side to side while Aiji tossed his head back and forth, crouching low as he played the heavy guitar riffs.

They paused for a moment and the mood changed into something dark and moody for “Phobia”. A semi-opaque curtain fell in front of the stage and spotlights shone on the fabric, turning it into a canvas of swirling colors. Maya and Aiji were visible only as shadows and remained still during the performance, throwing their energy into the music. The song ended and with the curtains still down, the lights changed to a deep red for “Kiss me?”. Disco balls lit up and scattered light across the curtain along with geometric shapes and pattern made from lights. Maya showed off his vocal ability, gesturing emphatically with the music.
The curtain was lifted, making the band visible again and they continued with “僕らの未来。(Bokura no Mirai.)”. At the end, Maya popped backstage and returned with the small rabbit plush that he usually hangs from his belt, having forgotten it in the first half.

Both he and Aiji chatted a bit about the tour and talked about the band reaching their 11 year anniversary. In between that, Maya spoke about how he was bad at announcements and casually announced a new tour for the band.

“The title will be...’Veda Again’”, he said, surprising the crowd before he pointed out that it was a joke. The real title would be “Club Circuit” after one of their older tour names.

With the audience all excited for more chances to see the band, they continued with “MONROEwalk” which had everyone dancing and then all proclaimed their love of the band with “We are LM.C!!~The Anthem of Strong Pop~”. “Avocado”, of the new album tracks has proven to be a crowd favorite with everyone jumping and dancing to the catchy, electronic beats. The venue was lit up in cheerful lights and the crowd sang along. LM.C are at their best when they’re performing upbeat songs and they continued without a break with “Ah Hah!” Maya told the fans, “ You guys are sparkling! Let’s all sing together.” They moved to the center of the stage, keeping the crowd’s energy high.

During the next MC, Maya got the audience even more excited when he mentioned that they also had new song in the works. In regards to that he said,

“We’ve been doing this for 11 years so there really isn’t anything left that I particularly want to sing. Instead of looking forward to songs I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and having that connection.”

The rest of the show was a non-stop frenzy of action and energy. They played “OH MY JULIET.” which is always a crowd favorite and then “CRAZY A GO GO”, giving everyone the chance to go all out with no-holds-barred headbanging. Without even a pause for breath, they continued with “MOGURA”. Aiji and the bassist hopped up on the drum platform rocking out together. Brightly colored lasers pierced through the venue for “Chameleon Dance” as the crowd all jumped in unison to the beat. There was a quick pause and then the fans joined Maya singing “PUNKY ❤ HEART”. During the bridge, Maya stopped and the crowd took over, singing at the top of their lungs.

They ended the show with “The BUDDHA”. The lights dimmed and bells chimed. Maya told them, “Put your hands up and let me hear your voice!” They did as he asked and sang as one, while the the drum beats echoed heavily around them. Despite being the last song, the energy in the venue was just as electric and it brought the tour to a satisfying close.


02.レインメーカー (Rainmaker)
06.Fight Club
07.阿修羅 (Ashura)
10.Kiss me?
11.僕らの未来。(Bokura no Mirai.)
13.We are LM.C!!~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
15.Ah Hah!
19.Chameleon Dance

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