LIVE REPORT: LANTANA - First Oneman @ Ikebukuro EDGE

LANTANA held their first one-man show at Ikebukuro EDGE on July 23rd. All 4 of the current members are still fairly new to the visual kei scene but already showed promise with a solid selection of songs and high-energy show.

They kicked off the live with “PLEDGE” a song with a heavy but catchy beat that immediately had the crowd moving and headbanging with fervor. Deep right lights set the tone for the second song, “CONVICTION”. Although the audience was fairly responsive, vocalist Tomo still continued to encourage them to not be embarrassed and go as wild as they wanted. Still not satisfied, he did a call and response with the fans, making sure the voices got louder every time.
After the 3rd song, the lights faded to black and Tomo whispered, “Let me hear your voice” and the room erupted into cheers and screams for more.

They took a quick pause and continued with “平然と嘘を振るうお前らにさよならを (Heizento uso o furu omaera ni sayonara o)” which was more dramatic than the previous performances. It featured a play of purple and red lights to match the shifting tones of the song from melodic to harsh riffs and screaming. “NETHER MIND” brought it back to a frantic pace with white flashing lights and the crowd pumping their fists in the air.

This time, they stopped to get the crowd hyped up and Tomo thanked the fans repeatedly for helping them to reach their first one-man. Guitarist Toshiki and bassist Shinba asked the crowd if they wanted to hear the band’s newest song, to which they received a chorus of cheers and agreement. Tomo admitted that even though they were still a band with not much songs, they were glad to have a new one to share with the fans.

The song opened with sweeping blue and white lights and a gentle melody. It was a stark contrast from the ones before but that made it feel even fresher. The crowd listened attentively, only swaying gently from side to side. Tomo’s vocals transitioned from clear to rough and dark towards the end of the song.

“謳華 (Ouka)” opened with Tomo singing acapella before drummer Keita began a beat and the rest of the band joined in. The crowd began jumping and clapping in time to the rhythm, bringing the venue back to a lively energy. “Response two emotion” kicked up the pace even further as the band had the audience running from one end of the room to the next in time to the music. They only stopped during the chorus but then took out towels and waved them frantically in the air.

Finally pausing for breath, they did another quick talk session with the crowd. They were about to perform another new song and this time they need the crowd to sing along. Tomo, Toshiki and Shinba had them practice first before the real performance.

They followed with “Possessive Color” and then “THE WAKER”, both heavy and frantic performances that pushed both the band and the audience to give as much of their energy as possible. The band kept gesturing to the crowd, goading them to go harder and received screams and raised fists in response.

Before the final song, Tomo thanked the crowd again and talked about how much the band had worked to make that live show possible. While he spoke the band began playing the final song of the night, “LIBERATE” which conveyed the band’s feelings towards their fans. The audience listened intently, only moving to wave their hands elegantly and at the end, they applauded while the curtain closed.

For the encore, Shimba came out first and called the rest of the band together with the crowd. They trickled out, this time much more relaxed and in the mood to celebrate their milestone. The members all toasted with a drink and then called their support member Kosuke to come on stage and toast with them. They performed one last song with the room going all out, headbanging and screaming and ending with a bang.

4 平然と嘘を振るうお前らにさよならを (Heizento uso o furu omaera ni sayonara o)
6 新曲
7 謳華 (Ouka)
8 Response two emotion
9 新曲
10 Possessive Color

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