Introducing: LAVANS

Left to Right: gt. Natsu, ba. Kousuke, vo. Nana, ds. Isamu, gt. Ray
Today, we are going to introduce a new band in the scene, called LAVANS. They are fairly new, with activities beginning early this spring. Below are the members and positions:


Gt. 玲 (Ray)

Gt. ナツ (Natsu)

Ba. こうすけ (Kousuke)

Ds. isamu

Back in June, they released their first single! The single is called LOVELESS and you can hear a sample of it down below! 

Then, on October 17, they held their first one-man at Ikebukuro Black Hole, called GENESIS.

Now, they recently announced that they will be releasing their 2nd single! Their new single is called Kizuna (絆) and will be on sale December 13.

The single will come with a CD with 3 songs and a DVD with a PV and off-shoot of the single. It will cost 1800 yen. Below is the track-listing:

01. Kizuna (絆) 
03. Kimi Iro (キミイロ)
01.絆 Music Video (PV)
02.絆 Music Video (off-shot)

In addition, you can preview the song down below!

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