HERO to Pause Activities

Left to Right: gt. Sarshi, vo. Jin, ds. Yusuke, ba. Yu-ta

Sad news for HERO fans. After they finish their 10th anniversary celebration, the band announced that they will pause all activities. Their 10th anniversary live will be held December 22, and after that, the members will all cease activities in HERO.

Below is their statement from their OHP:

Thank you for supporting HERO always.
As a result from JIN, SARSHI, YU-TA, yusuke discussing the present circumstances and the future activities, even though we were active as HERO for a decade, we decided to make the 10th ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN TOUR FINAL on December 22 at Zepp Tokyo the last performance.
We thought it is necessary to reconsider what a band HERO is and us.
Each member thinks HERO is really important for them.
These words are not a lie.
We are happy if you hope that each of us can make best choice, even though we don't know yet whether we are going to be walking the same paths or not, but we hope we can all choose the right path.
We are very appreciative for every fan who understood our music and supported us as well as all the people who were involved with us.
We will try our best until our last live, so this decision can be seen as a positive one.
We would appreciate it if you could support us until the end.
Source: OHP
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