Sick. - Losing Three Member + Pausing Activities

Sick. has announced the very sad news that after their live on November 1st, Pianoforte 吏 (Tsukasa), Bassist Avel and Drummer 豪 (Takeshi) will leave the band. Vocalist 詩季 (Shiki) and Guitarist 風輝 (Fuki) will continue on until their live at Ikebukuro Blackhole on November 22nd and then will be pausing activities.

Here is the official statement and member comments:

[Announcement from Sick.]

Thank you for your continued support, we regret to inform you of bad news.

Three members: Tsukasa, Avel and Takeshi are leaving Sick. on November 1st, 2017.

At the end of August, they made an offer to quit band.

We held various talks, but eventually we understand and accept their judgement.

As a result, Sick. is going to pose activity indefinitely as of November 1st, 2017.

Please accept our deepest apology for the trouble.

Until November 1st, Sick. will attend every events with five members, as has been the way until now.

After three members leave, Shiki and Fuki continue the activity until the completion of every determined events.

All the five members has the same will to do as well as possible on the stage.

We appreciate your kind of continued support.

Member comments:

Shiki / Vo.

First of all, I apologize to you who expected us to keep working in the form of five members.

This is partly my fault. I couldn`t repair the rifts.

I won`t let this band end, and will keep working with Fuki.

I decided to end my days as a member of "Sick."

This is not only my matter.

We have been supported by many people, drawing an attention, so I won`t let this band end.

To be honest, I`m so sad, but I understand their decision.

I am really grateful to Tsukasa, Avel, Takeshi.

I will come back after growing up; for three leaving members, Fuki, for you who support us, and for myself.

Fuki / Gt.

I`m so sorry to make you hear such a sad news.

This happens because we have different values, not like "due to artistic differences."

Needless to say, we all love music and "Sick."

However, our small problems have become too big to bring about such a result.

I`m very sorry to inform you of this sad news, but please understand we have discussed this unavoidable issue for a long time.

Though there are few shows left, we won`t ease up, will do our best.

Please support "Sick." consisting of current members.

I wish three members who are leaving this band will be successful in what they want to do;

and please keep waiting for them and support them when they are back.

Shiki and me will devote ourselves to come back on stage as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Tsukasa / Pf.

This time, I decided to leave "Sick."

We owe a lot to many people for about one year.

I am grateful to all of them.

We have been always surprised to notice that our band has not yet passed the first anniversary.

Thank you so much for giving us such a dizzying pace of life filled with music.

However, I have to explain what caused this result.

We use to talk with each other about same dream a lot.

Unfortunately, we stopped doing this before we knew, and I think this was the trigger for this result.

We had not been able to open our hearts to each other until I offered to quit band with Avel and Takeshi.

But I finally managed to be honest with other members, this is true.

I`m proud of being a member of "Sick."

We gained many precious things but failed to obtain more.

We all have to meet again on big stage, as we cherish same dream.

I`ll continue music activities, please don`t forget us.

Avel / Ba.

First of all, I'm terribly sorry for informing you of our sad decision.

I have been giving up pointing out small problems, because of my personality I`m not good at saying clearly what I think.

Then, those problems became so serious that I had to decide to quit band.

This is completely my fault, for I couldn`t overcome my weakness.

I feel very sorry to personally bring out such a result, I deeply apologize for it.

One thing I want to say is that I love this band and am proud of being a member.

Thanks to you who have loved and supported us, this one year became one of my precious memories.

Source: OHP
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