REVIVE - Releasing New Mini-Album

REVIVE has announced the awesome news that they will be releasing a new live limited mini-album!

This new mini-album is titled 輪廻転生 (Rinne Tensei) and it is set to be released on November 6th, 2017 at Shinjuku club Science.

Here is the track list for this new release:



01. SE
02. greed ~強欲が招く貪欲な嫌悪感~
03. gluttony ~満たされない心が齎す暴食~
04. wrath ~心の中の破滅的な自己愛憤怒~
05. envy ~剥離された執着と嫉妬~
06. sloth ~怠惰な僕達が手にしたモノ~
07. lust ~色欲に喘ぐ快楽的依存~
08. pride ~傲慢な君の劣等感~

Source: REVIVE Official Twitter
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